Alone Township

The area of Ahlone Township is 4 Kilometers, and it is organized with 11 quarters. It is contiguous with: San Chaung Township, Kyimyindaing Township in the north, the Yangon River in the west, and Dagon Township in the east and Lanmadaw Township in the south. In Ahlone Township, there are: a Kayin quarter which is lived by many Kayin people, and a Christ’s Church. Kwin Kyaung monastery, that is located at Kwin Kyaung Street, is the noticeable and famous monastery for our Buddhist citizens. Other few religious people live in this township. One Muslim mosque and two Hindu minders are existed in Ahlone Township. At the west of Ahlone Township Yangon River, Myanmar Asia World Part Terminal and Myanmar Industrial Port Terminal exist in this Township. Thakhin Mya Park is the noticeable place in Ahlone, for people recreation. During old time, a big Thiri Mingalar market performed the main distribution of meats, fishes and vegetables for the whole Yangon City. Nowadays, this big market is reopened in Hlainng Township. For the people who live in this township, Ahlone Township is still available about apartment, residences, houses and some land spaces. Many newly-build condos and buildings are situated in Ahlone Township.

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