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Botahtaung Township Guide

Botahtaung Township
Botahtaung Township

Botataung Township, which is in the east district of Yangon division,in area of 2.4 kilometers, is included in the six downtowns of Yangon. It is established with 10 quarters: Pazundaung in the northeast, Yangon River in the south, Kyauktada Township in the west, and Mingala Taungnyunt Township in the north.

Since long time ago, people took the name, “a sacred hair of Gautama Buddha, Botataung Pagoda” to call this township, “Botataung”. Because, when the pagoda was first built, it was the place where a sacred hair of Gautama Buddha was welcomed by 1,000 military officers. That’s why the pagoda is called as “Botataung Pagoda”. There are 13 schools and 1 university in this township. There are 3 main general hospitals in the east district and another 3 private hospitals in Yangon.

The famous Kyemon newspaper publishing enterprise in Myanmar, the Five Stars Shipping Company important for the Department of Marine Administration, Myanmar; these two works exist in Botataung. There are still many Colonial period buildings that have been systematically established in Botataung since British-ruled period.
For example, you can see the British-ruled period architectural tastes in “Yangon City Development Committee” building. The Ministers’ Building (previously called as “Yangon Secretariat”), built-in 1890, still exists in this township.

As other historical buildings, there is Siyin Baptist Church at Bo Myat Tun Road, and another is the biggest church in Myanmar;Saint Mary’s Cathedral or Immaculate Conception Cathedral at Bo Aung Kyaw Street. You can find many architectural tastes (British-ruled period in these two churches. In conclusion, Botataung Township is improving yearly on one side; the old-time buildings, together with newly-built buildings, condos, and apartments, are still good and alive on the other side.

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