Kamaryut Township

Kamayut Township is the northerly and centrally located township of central Yangon city. It is wide in 6.2 Kilometers. It is surrounded with: Hlaing township in the north, Kyimyindaing Township in the west, the Inya Lake, Bahan and Mayangon townsip in the east, San Chaung towship in the south. Kamayut is established with 10 quarters in total, and 12 Basic Education Primary Schools2 Basic Education Middle Schools and 5 Basic Education High Schools are located in Kamayut Township. One of the main road of Yangon City,Pyay Road,is passed through this township. In Kamayut Township, the niceable and famous place of Yangon, the Yangon University is situated. Although the Yangon University was closed many years in old time, it is alive, altogether with the Graduation Hall nowadays. And then, Yangon University of Medicine 1, Yangon University of Economics, Yangon University of Distance Education, the practicing High School, Yangon institute of Education (TTC High School), organizations about broadcasting media, Sinmalite Complex, Junction Square Shopping Center, Blazon Store, and Hledan Center, where is the combination of many famous stores, restaurants, and business group companies are nicely located in Kamayut. Hledan Suction of Kamayut Township is very well-Known and crowded place for almost 24hours. Inya kan Boung is the nearest with Kamayut. As the real estate market, there are many rents about apartments. And the landlord rents each room with opening the hostel in the apartment for singles. The minimum rental price of apartment is around 2Lakhs (MMK) per month, and the rented place are mainly on Yagon-Insein road. In the conclusion, Kamayut Township is crowded with many niceable and famous buildings, condos and apartments, and it is one of the heart of the townships of Yangon.

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