Latha Township

The main six townships regarded in Yangon division, Latha Township is one that is included in it. The area of Latha is 0.77 kilo meter, it is populous, and is one of the thriving townships in Yangon. Various people (with all ethnics and religions) are amicably living together in this township and it is full of memories and remembrances. Latha Township is established on the famous roads of Yangon.
It is full of ethnics and religions lived in this township;
there is Buddha temple for Burmese, Buddha temple for Chinese, Mosques for Islamist, Churchs for Christian, temples for Hindu and
Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue for Jewish. On Bogyoke Aung San road, a stalwart Yangon General Hospital exists in Latha Township.
It has many colonial period buildings, many of which are protected by the city.
Latha also has many government offices such as Myanmar Department Store, Myanma Economic Bank Branch 4,
Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) Headquarters, Myanma Post and Telecommunications Accounts Office.
At evening and night in Latha Township,
the thoroughgoing Chinese foods are sold around 19th street as China Town, and it is so thriving.
To be concluded, Latha Township owns people with full of ethnics and religions together. Also, it is crowded with around 50 years old apartments which is still firm and durable to live, and newly built buildings.

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